Aigo is a revolution in personal assistants

Aigo’s cognitive ability is light years ahead of chatbots like Siri and Alexa.

Through Blockchain, you own Aigo and you own your data.

You can teach Aigo new knowledge or skills - in plain English, and sell them in AigoStore.

Royalties for all Aigo creators & contributors are managed through a smart contract.

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AigoToken Ecosystem

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The AigoToken Ecosystem will revolutionize personal AI assistants.

Aigo is a 'Personal Personal Assistant' developed over many years by Inc.

Unlike current chat-bots and so-called personal assistants like Alexa and Siri, Aigo remembers, learns, and adapts to your personal and professional preferences and needs, can hold ongoing meaningful conversations, and most importantly, is owned and controlled by you (see our Whitepaper)

Our Ethereum-based, ERC20 smart-contract compliant AigoToken Blockchain secures ownership of your personal Aigo, as well as your data. We believe that your data is your property and it will neither be shared nor sold to anyone.

The Aigo Intelligence Platform both delivers Aigo services, and also provides tools for creators to teach specialized knowledge and skills, which they can then sell or license to other users.

The AigoStore is the central trading post for Aigo-related products and services. AigoTokens are its exclusive currency.

The final, and most crucial part of our ecosystem is the AigoToken Community -- a community of forward-looking, passionate users, creators and traders of Aigo intelligence.

Our task is to orchestrate ongoing value creation of this ecosystem by providing significant, ongoing technical enhancements, by promoting and trading intelligence, and by strongly encouraging community participation. We see this community taking a key role in shaping policies, priorities, and creating a future of Personal Personal Assistants that have become an integral part of our everyday lives as trusted assistants, advisors, and companions.

Token Usage

Here are the application categories that can be created or enhanced by Aigo Community:

Each one of these categories represent multi-billion dollars in recurring revenue. As an example, today companies charge hundreds of dollars per user per year just for scheduling meetings, which is just one of the capabilities included in Aigo. This market by itself has the potential for many millions of users.

Fund Allocation

Our project is ambitious: We are aiming at human-like personal assistants, and to upend the existing market. In order to provide the best possible product and platform as soon as possible we plan to expand our team very aggressively. A key element to maximizing success is to continually increase Aigo’s intelligence – moving it ever further ahead of the alternatives.


AI Development




Marketing & Admin




Service Delivery


Equipment & Other

Aigo can function as the 'brain' of your devices, as an intelligent copilot for software, and of course as your Personal Personal Assistant in your personal and professional life.


Post-sale Development

2019 Q4

Third generation Aigo


Enhancements released

2019 Q1

General Aigo

2018 Q4

Beta Release of

Token Sale

2018 September


2018 June


2018 May



2017 Inc. – Second generation
commercialization initiated


AGI Innovations Inc. –
Second generation development started


Smart Action LLC –
First generation commercialization


Adaptive A.I. Inc. launched –
Initial R&D of Aigo technology


Research into human-like
artificial cognition begins


Get to know us

Card header image
Peter Voss
CEO & Chief Scientist

An entrepreneur in electronics, software systems, AI, and management, who has for the past 20 years been dedicated to advancing Artificial General Intelligence.

Card header image
Srini Pagidyala
Co-Founder, Chief Value Officer

Zero to Eight Figure revenue in 3 years with Fortune 500 customers, 20+ years working with Fortune 500 C-Suite, Serial Technology Entrepreneur, Author ‘Growth Confidential’.

Card header image
Dennis Sedov
Chief Technology Officer

With a background in computer science and cognitive neuroscience, Dennis leads software architecture for Aigo

Card header image
Louise Gold, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Louise Gold is a CPA with financial expertise in tech start-ups and personal interest in innovative tech services.

Card header image
Dean Sawyer
Healthcare Executive Advisor

An executive, advisor, and healthcare evangelist, Dean leverages exponential technologies to support startups and solve the world’s most pertinent healthcare challenges.

Card header image
Sergei Gritsenko
Technology Partner

Sergei is the CEO of ICOstack, providing white label tech solutions to ICO projects.Sergei is an ICO advisor, crypto investor, and blockchain expert.

Card header image
Ivica Simatovic
Blockchain Consultant

Ivica was the CEO of GameCredits (GAME), where he multiplied the coin’s value many times over via strategic partnerships, savvy marketing, and focused community building.

Card header image
Matt Fortnow
Blockchain Consultant

Serial entrepreneur, including Co-founder of, the first online fantasy sports site which produced games for the NFL and MLB and was sold to CBS Sports.

Card header image
Bennett Yankowitz
Legal Advisor

With 30 years of experience as a corporate attorney, Ben currently heads ICO Attorney’s ICO and crypto practice, representing clients conducting ICO’s and ICO pre-sales, on-shore and off-shore.

Card header image
Emanuel Orlando
Legal Advisor

After graduating from Princeton and Loyola Law School, Emanuel cultivated his legal skills at the New York blue chip law firm Kaye Scholer, LLP.

Card header image
Captain Bernardo J. Herzer

Capt. Herzer, inventor with 76 patents is an entrepreneur, an early adapter to computerize trading analytics. He Owned-operated a futures commodities trading company selling computerized trading advice.

Card header image
Mark Mueller-Eberstein

Mark Mueller-Eberstein: Connecting business leaders and the IT for 2 decades. Investor, keynote speaker, best-selling author in 12 languages, Digital Transformation leader for Blockchain, Crypto currencies, IoT, AI and cloud computing. Former leadership positions in HP and Microsoft. Driven to empower billions with blockchain technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For details, please see our Whitepaper, section 8
The AigoStore is the main vehicle for AigoToken utilization. Within it, community members will be able to purchase Aigo assistants, subscriptions, skills, knowledge, personalities, hardware, integrations, and eventually other languages! Utilization of the AigoStore will continue to grow with the community. As the demand for knowledge, skills, and hardware increases, the demand for AigoTokens will increase rapidly. The Ethereum-based, ERC20-compliant AigoToken blockchain is used to securely register individual Aigo Assistants plus related data, to facilitate AigoStore transactions, and to allow for Smart Contract-based royalty payments to creators. For more details, please see our Whitepaper, section 5
Our project is ambitious: We aim to create human-like personal assistants and to upend the existing market. In order to provide the best possible product and platform as soon as possible we plan to expand our team very aggressively. A key element to maximizing success is to continually increase Aigo’s intelligence – moving it ever further ahead of the alternatives. For details, please see our Whitepaper, section 8
The AigoToken Ecosystems consists of the Aigo Intelligence Platform, the technical infrastructure that delivers Aigo services and tools; the AigoStore, that facilitates Aigo-related trade; and most importantly, the Aigo community: users, creators, and traders of Aigo intelligence. For more details, please see our Whitepaper, section 2
The Aigo ExoCortex is a virtual extension to your own brain/ mind/ cognition. It is a personal personal assistant (PPA) that helps you to remember. Aigo can make reminders, figure things out, communicate with you, and automate many tasks for you. Your ExoCortex is your own, unique Aigo PPA that adapts to your life, knows your preferences, understands your goals, and helps you to optimize your life.
Today, Aigo has significantly greater cognitive ability than Siri, Alexa, and other chatbot technology, however, much development is needed to get to human-level intelligence. Edging closer and closer to human-level performance will require significant effort. Leveraging the complete Aigo Ecosystem, we have a clear, ambitious road map to increase Aigo’s general intelligence, skills, and common sense. For details, please see our Whitepaper, section 11
The Aigo intelligence engine has countless powerful applications in both the enterprise and for personal use. Many of these have several billion dollars in recurring revenue potential! We are aggressively pursuing several promising domains, and will be generating cash-flow both via the AigoStore, as well as direct enterprise sales. For details please see our Whitepaper, section 7
Our second generation prototype is currently operational. A limited beta release of Aigo will be available in the third quarter of 2018. A more complete roll-out is expected by late 2018. For more information, please see our Whitepaper, section 10
The convergence of market forces such as increased computing power and storage at reduced cost, combined with the maturity of artificial intelligence and customer expectations from personal assistants, we believe it’s the ‘Perfect Storm’ to introduce a ‘Personal personal Assistant’ that is dedicated and centered around the user.
The simple answer is Yes since Aigo can be taught in Natural Language, no need to be a programmer. But if you are programmer, you can create and monetize APIs (application programming interfaces) that other creators/users can use.
Even though we like both movies ‘Her’ and ‘Dory’ for different reasons, this expression is our way of saying that our technology is very personal and private to the user like the way it was depicted in the movie ‘Her’ and not like ‘Dory’ that has trouble to learn and remember anything.
We have additional information (including more FAQs) at our website